Item Details: h5getInfoΒΆ

h5getInfo displays detailed information about an HDF5 item in an HDF5 file. The specifics depend on the kind of HDF5 item, such as HDF5 group, dataset, or external link.


Excel h5getInfo screenshot.

Excel UDF Syntax

h5getInfo(filename, location)

Mandatory Arguments

Argument Description
filename A text string specifying the name of an HDF5 file.
location A text string (path) specifying the location of an HDF5 object

Return Value

On success, h5getInfo populates a range of cells with detailed information about an HDF5 object.

On error, an error message (string) is returned.


Display detailed information about the HDF5 object at location /HDFEOS/SWATHS/HIRDLS/Geolocation Fields/Pressure in file file.he5.

h5showTree("file.he5", "/HDFEOS/SWATHS/HIRDLS/Geolocation Fields/Pressure")

Error Conditions

The following conditions will create an error:

  1. An invalid file name
    • An empty string or a string that contains characters not supported by the operating system
    • It refers to a file system location for which the user has insufficient access privileges
  2. An invalid location
    • An empty string
    • No HDF5 object exists at the specified location

See Also

h5showList, h5showTree